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Call or e-mail me so I can learn a little about you and the custom built bike you have in mind. I'll let you know the feasibility of what you're after, my current wait time, and answer any questions you have for me about the process. When you're ready to secure a place in line, I'll need an $800 non-refundable deposit. I'll gladly put together an estimate for the total cost of your bicycle at this point, however, certain costs like paint are hard to determine until your bicycle is completed.

As the time to start building your custom bicycle nears (typically a month prior), I will contact you to go over the details of the fit and finalize bike components and build considerations. I will need all the bicycle componentry at my disposal during the construction to ensure proper fit and clearances, so components will typically be ordered at this point. I will put together a detailed bicycle build list based on our discussions and once agreed upon, I will invoice you for the total parts. Once everything has arrived, I can begin building your custom made bicycle.

At any point we can talk about paint and finish options, but I've found it works best to not be too hasty in deciding on a color scheme, unless you're absolutely certain. Waiting to see the bicycle come together often suggests the best direction for the finish to go. I'd be more than pleased to have a hand in this decision making process as well. I like to give my bicycle painter 4-6 weeks to do their very best work. Once painted, I'll prep the bicycle frame to build and the balance will become due.

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