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MAP Bicycles offers the same meticulously hand-crafted items, normally reserved for custom order, for sale in limited numbers and with a much shorter wait.

Randonneur Project

These Project bicycles are made in limited numbers and are custom-sized to your specification, made-to-order with limited options, designed with specific kinds of riding in mind with all aspects of fit, finish, and practical use considered.

To receive news about when I am offering small batches of Project bicycles, please join my mailing list to the left to be kept up-to-date on my latest offerings.



MAP Bicycles are handmade city, touring, and randonneuring bicycles built in Portland, Oregon.

Each bicycle is built around your individual riding needs, using time-tested materials and traditional methods, and with an emphasis on real-world cycling. This means all the parts of the bicycle are considered. Thoughtful integration of lights, racks, fenders, and all accessories set MAP bicycles apart, making them a joy to ride wherever you go, with whatever you take, no matter the conditions. The whole bicycle and its intended use, no afterthoughts, and nothing superfluous. 

Whether on fast club rides, commuting, or touring, when your bicycle fits not only you, but your everyday life, you can get the most out of your ride.




Portland, Oregon
MAP Bicycles, Portland Oregon 2009 NAHBS Best City Bicycle WInner